Monday, April 26, 2010

Bloggybloggybloggerblogs. :)

I'm really happy with my blogs right now (this one and Tumblr).
Although NO ONE COMMENTS THEM. >:c Even though I know you've looked at it.

On a separate note...
I left my camera battery charging in Dr. D's room at the Saturday AP Bio study potluck--BEFORE [Lakehill] PROM. Which means no awesome Nikon pre-prom pictures.
And also no "Week In The Life" photos, either. DO NOT FEAR, EDMONDSON, I'll steal pictures from my boyfriend's and his mom's cameras to use for this. However, I did not get any pictures on Sunday, which is very unfortunate because Max and I went walking around the lake and it was gorgeous.
I will make up the pictures while I'm out of school this week.
Cheating is okay due to these circumstances!

I need to shut up, I'm really lame... It's nearly 8:40 AM and I need to start throwing early today...
Five-piece dinner setting due by the end of the six (five) weeks.
(Dinner plate, salad plate, dessert plate/saucer, cup, bowl.)



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